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Getting You Out Of A Jam And Into A Resolution

If you're dealing with another person, group, party, or organization, chances are a dispute or conflict may arise.

If you are feeling stuck, but don't want to become  "enemies" and spend additional time and money challenging the concern, mediation and alternative dispute resolutions can help.

Our services can diffuse the conflict by fostering effective communication to develop alternative solutions to continued dispute or worse, litigation. 

Get out of a Jam and into a Resolution.


Our Services

JAMS, LLC is a mediation and dispute resolution firm, which also provides property loss damage appraisal services.


Mediation is the process where parties can resolve disputes with the assistance of a neutral third party (mediator).  A Mediator assists the parties in weighing their options to find a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Circuit Civil

  • Property & Casualty

  • Insurance

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Contracts

  • Community (Property)

  • Contractor Dispute

  • Consumer

  • Landlord/ Tenant

Property Damage Appraisal

If the insurer and the insured fail to mutually agree on the amount of loss or the cost of repair or replacement of property, the appraisal process is an effective option for resolving claim disputes, and to reach an amicable agreement, without lengthy litigation time and expenses.


Arbitration, another form of alternative dispute resolution, is a way to resolve disputes outside the courts. The dispute is submitted to an arbitrator by agreement of the parties and the arbitrator makes the decision on the dispute. An arbitration award is rendered and is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts. 

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Servicing all of South Florida and Surrounding Territories