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Mediation is the process in which parties can reach agreements and resolve disputes with the assistance of a neutral, third party who assists and facilitates discussions, in person or virtually (teleconference/ web-conference.  The mediator helps each party to explore their concerns and develop an understanding of their needs and interests, in order to reach an agreement.  The approach helps parties to create and explore alternatives to continued litigation and dispute.  Our mediation service can help in the following areas.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Circuit Civil

  • County

  • Family Planning & Divorce

  • Property & Casualty

  • Insurance

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Contracts

  • Community (Property)

  • Contractor Dispute

  • Consumer

  • Landlord/ Tenant

Benefits of Mediation

  • It's Effective

       People work out their own agreements with the mediator’s help, whether you

       are represented by an attorney or unrepresented (Pro-Se).

  • It Saves Time

       Mediation takes less time than going to court. Some disputes are settled within

       the day versus years in litigation.

  • It's Satisfying

       Mediation allows for direct contact with the other party, exchange of

       documentation, and the ability to find your own solution without the stress of the

       court system. 

  • It's Empowering

       Mediation is based on self-determination. Because a skilled and experienced

       mediator is assisting you reach your own solutions, you are the master of your

       own destiny throughout the mediation process.      

  • It's Affordable

       Mediation costs typically just include the mediator’s time. Which will be less

       than paying for court fees and the cost of an attorney.

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