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Insurance Damage Appraisals

Appraisal is a cost effective and efficient alternative to resolve disputes without costly litigation.  The appraisal process includes each party selecting a competent, independent, property insurance loss appraiser, who then select an umpire (if needed), and set the amount of the loss. If the appraisers fails to agree, they will submit their difference to the selected umpire.  An itemized decision agreed to by any two of these three and filed, will set the amount of the loss.

Our team of adjusters assist in the following areas, including appraisal.

  • Appraiser (Property Damage Claims)

  • Civil Remedy Notice (CRN) reinspection

  • Expert Testimony

  • Mediation Representation

  • Daily Claim Valuations/ Estimates

  • Represented Claim Assistance

  • Desk Review Examination

  • Homeowners Liability Valuations

  • Bid & Budget Validations

  • Property Claim Consulting/ Claim Liaison Services

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