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Entrepreneur promotes ADR to get out of JAM and Into Resolution!



Tamarac, FL – While working with conflict and disputes can be  uncomfortable for many, it is a starting point to a resolution for Cynthia R. Johnson, owner of Johnson Adjusting & Mediation Services, LLC (JAMS, LLC). JAMS, LLC, is an emerging Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) firm that provides mediation services and property damage insurance appraisals.  

Ms. Johnson is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family, & County mediator that helps her clients settle their disputes out of court.   And during this time with the worldwide health pandemic (Covid19 and social distancing) these settlements and negotiations can occur without having to leave home. She handles legal disputes, property damage disputes, association disputes, mediation for insurance claims, and more. The firm works to get people out of a JAM and into a Resolution.

Cynthia has been conducting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sessions online since formally receiving certification with the Florida Supreme Court, early this spring, at the beginning of stay at home orders.  Prior to, she facilitated discussions and negotiations in person.  Being a resource to people and serving the community is her goal. Before becoming a certified mediator, Cynthia's background included over 15 years in insurance and property damage claim resolutions. Her specialty is disputed and negotiating claims to settlement. 

Cynthia believes in and promotes the benefits of mediation and ADR.  Mediation, and other ADR processes are recognized by the courts, although they are not legal proceedings. The judiciary understands that both parties - whether it is a business dispute, association dispute, dispute over claim settlement, or any other conflict  - have agreed  to mediate the issue outside of the courts and have agreed to abide by the outcome.

Within mediation, people work out their own agreements with the mediator’s help, whether you are represented by an attorney or unrepresented (Pro-Se).  A Mediator assists the parties in weighing their options to find a mutually satisfactory outcome.  Mediation takes less time than going to court. Some disputes are settled within the day versus years in litigation.  Not only does mediation save time, it saves money. Mediation costs typically just include the mediator’s time. Which will be less than paying for court fees and the cost of an attorney.  Mediation allows for direct contact with the other party, exchange of documentation, and the ability to find your own solution without the stress of the court system, which can prove to be quite satisfying.  Additionally, mediation is empowering because a skilled and experienced mediator is assisting you reach your own solutions, you are the master of your own destiny throughout the mediation process.      

Cynthia is equipped to assist!  She listens to her clients and educates them, during a free consultation, about the ADR process.  From there, if the prospective client feels mediation is the correct formation to handle the dispute, she will carefully explain the process, her role, review expectations, and what to expect during an actual mediation.

With her firm and team of property damage appraisers, JAMS, LLC strives to help parties reach agreements, resolve disputes, and ease conflicts. Use of their mediation and property damage appraisal services aid in settlement negotiations, resolving property damage claims, and other disputes. The firm assists insurance carriers, contractors, community residents, property owners and law firms specializing in property damage to resolve their disputes. The company serves to get people out of a JAM and into a Resolution.


(Certified MBE/ WBE)

For more details about her company and/ or a free consultation (15min. Max.), visit


Johnson Adjusting & Mediation Services, LLC


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